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St John's Primary School, Carnlough

Safer Internet Day

6th Feb 2018

On 6th Feb, as part of Safer Internet Day, P7 pupils had a workshop on how to take part properly in online discussions.  There were three parts to the lesson.

Activity 1: Pupils broke up into three groups and discussed the type of online messages that made them feel sad and then the types of messages which made them feel good.

Activity 2: The pupils had to fill in their own worksheet listing a range of messages from very negative to very positive.

Activity 3: The P7s were then given an actual scenario where three girls had fallen out because one of the girls had shared another girl's photo without her permission.  The pupils had to discuss if the situation could have been handled better, how the girls can be friends again and the lessons to be learned.

The main lessons were: respect others when communicating online, think carefully before sharing online and always ask for permission to share photos of friends.