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St John's Primary School, Carnlough

Safer Internet Day

6th Feb 2018

On Tuesday 6th Feb, as part of Safer Internet Day, P7 had a workshop about how to do the right thing when taking part in online discussions.  There were three parts:

Activity 1: Pupils broke up into three groups and discussed which sort of online messages made them sad and then messages which were positive and made them feel good about themselves.

Activity 2: Pupils then completed a worksheet listing a range of messages ranging from very negative to very positive

Activity 3: Pupils were given an actual scenario where three girls had fallen out because one girl had shared another girl's photo.  Pupils had to discuss how the situation was handled, what could have been done differently and if the friendship could be fixed. 

The big lessons were: to show respect to others when online, to think seriously before sharing online and not to 'assume' we know someone else's wishes but rather to 'ask' them.